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We've gone digital

Ranmarc Dive El Nido has gone digital!
Sign in via iPad or tap "Been here before?" if you're a returning guest!

At Ranmarc Dive El Nido, we continue to find ways to streamline our processes and minimize our impact on the earth. We struggled with the amount of paperwork required, storage and what not. So now, we've gone digital in order to eliminate or minimize the use of paper and ink!

At the shop, sign in via our i-Pad. Fill in personal information, certification level and other pertinent information. Read and sign PADI legal documents that are required prior to diving (you automatically receive a copy of the documents you signed via email) and that's it.

Diving with us again? Simply enter your email address and your information will be retrieved from the database; saving you time, we will even have your equipment details on hand, so no more equipment fitting this time around!

In a hurry? Want to save more time? Give us your full name and email. An invitation will be sent to you so you may pre-register.

Let us know how we can make your diving experience a smooth and enjoyable one, from start to finish. We're always listening!

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