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Diving in El Nido

Plain, simple, diving in El Nido. With over 30 dive sites ranging in depth from 6 to 40 meters , El Nido is an underwater playground for divers of all levels.

We offer morning or afternoon dives on-board our 30 foot, twin-engine speedboat for Beginners or Certified Divers. Get to our favorite dive sites in less time allowing you to enjoy other activities El Nido has to offer.


After your dive you can go on an inland tour, visit Nacpan, Calitang, watch the sun set over Las Cabanas or enjoy other activities El Nido has to offer.


New to scuba diving? Check out Discover Scuba Diving and prepare for an incredible experience.


Are you a Certified Diver? Go on a Fun Dive and discover the stunning dive environments El Nido has to offer.