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Camp/Spend the night at our 400 square meter farm in Manlag. It is located 15 kilometers south of El Nido town.


Relax as you take in views of the rice fields, mangroves and Pinagbuyutan Island peeking from behind. Enjoy the afternoon breeze while on a hammock, watching herons fly by as the wind caresses the rice fields (when in season).


Look out for the humming birds that frequent the cashew trees or catch a glimpse of a fresh water turtle that frequents the stream. Savor fresh fruits (when available/in season) such as Guyabano (soursop), Macopa, Saba bananas (cooking variety), fresh coconuts, guavas and cashew fruit.

Sample itinerary:

  • At Sunset, let's head out to Manlag town and hop on a banka for the mangrove tour 

  • Sunset over Pinagbyutan Island

  • Enjoy fireflies on the way back to town.

  • Campfire/Dinner

  • Lights out

  • Filipino or Continental breakfast

  • Head over to Manlag town to hop on banka (when tide is low) to meet other divers for the day

  • Go on 2 dives

  • Head back to El Nido town